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If you kill a child, you kill a mother 
If you kill a mother, you kill  life 
If you kill life, you kill yourself 
Think twice when they want you to be a soldier… 

Gaëtan Pelletier

March 2014

The flying flower

Oiseau bigarré 2

There’s a God Inside me 
There’s a God inside you
A a  one that I cant’ see 
That bird is hehind a tree
There’s a bird in that God 
Even in the yellow the feather of  an unknoww  painter  
All the colors of the wind in my face feeding  the odd  
Speak the mysterious  world in a blind language of hours  
There »s so many words in your eyes 
I can hear in the sparkling and meaningful silence 
I can touch the feeling of your breath 
Cause it is mixed  in the air of everything  
That passed away, while it still here
And I wonder, still wonder, so wonder 
Who created that flying flower 
Gaëtan Pelletier 
Mars 2014