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G.W.Bush’s Halloween


Michael Grimm’s Bang! Bang!

– Will you buy a sport car? A Ferrari?

– Oh! no. I am not that  kind.  I am a geek…  I like collecting Stamps…



Michael Grimm was raised in the swamplands of Hancock County, Mississippi by his loving grandparents. “They made us go to church a lot,” he says of his grandparents, who raised Grimm and his sister after their parents’ divorce. That’s when he turned to music, as a 5-year-old. His grandmother played piano in a Baptist church built by her father, who was a preacher. Outside of church however, his grandparents were true Country Music fans. As a 12-year-old, Michael Grimm was escorted by his Grandma to the local southern Mississippi bars where he would perform the songs of George Jones, Travis Tritt and other Country greats. “She’d sit in the bars with her glass of soda and watch over me because she loved to listen to me sing, and she thought that was the way to get my career started,” Grimm says. Blending the two genres, Grimm was writing music and playing guitar as a 15-year-old. In the years since, Grimm’s tastes have evolved from Country music to Southern Soul – while moving from the swamps of Mississippi to the deserts of Las Vegas, where he is fortunate enough to keep a busy schedule playing in clubs from one end of the valley to the other. After several years of hard work on his sound, Grimm arrives now with a huge catalog of meticulously crafted songs and a mature, soulful delivery unmatched by anyone on the market today. Michael Grimm is determined to keep REAL music alive while continuously trying to realize his dream to make it and to give back to his Grandparents for all they have given him.